I was a TV news executive for several years — living and breathing news and working non-stop — until I left my job to be a stay at home mom. Coming from a highly stressful job, I looked for avenues that would not only relax me but also satisfy my need to create. I became a creative consultant for several network projects, but somehow, something was still missing. I started to bake and that made me happy.

In December 2008, I turned one of my large Moleskine watercolor notebooks into a baking journal, hoping to pass it on to my daughter someday. I thought it would be nice to include photos, so I borrowed one of my husband’s cameras — a Nikon D50 — and also his 105mm f/2.8 lens. And then, it happened. I found love. In January, he sold the D50 and got me my first DSLR, a D90.

Photography has changed how I look at things and how I see life, in general. I have learned to slow down and appreciate everything that I used to take for granted. I also look at it as a form of Sudoku — an exercise for the creative mind — and has helped me quite a lot, especially with my projects.

Everyday, I have an urge to click, so much so that the baking has been relegated to weekends.

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