In May 2010…

… my emotional roller-coaster went into overdrive. I had my share of small triumphs, numerous rejections, and uninspired moments. I slipped and let myself fall into a state of koyaanisqatsi (a Hopi word I learned today).

Out of balance.


Thankfully, our short getaway brought me back to where I should be. I embraced the sunset and God’s promise of a better tomorrow. It renewed my sense of worthiness and gave me the confidence that I was silently, slowly losing.

It’s true, sometimes, almost drowning helps you breathe again.

A few days ago, I had a dream that I was very much pregnant. In the middle of all the woohoos from my excited friends (to which Ricky said, “uh-oh”), my friend G, said that perhaps it’s because I’m on the verge of something big. I think it was more because I was preparing to do a shoot for my cousin-in-law’s pregnant wife.

Still, that analogy was not lost on me. I am “pregnant” now with ideas and dreams and hope and lots of happy thoughts. Despite all the drama, I am breathing again.

~ by Sheila on May 31, 2010.

5 Responses to “In May 2010…”

  1. drama comes and goes, doesn’t it? I’m having my share at the moment. Looks like you did an awesome job on your cousin-in-law’s pics. the above is a beautiful piece, so much color and happiness.

  2. Hi Sheila,

    I’m glad you had a good break. You picked yourself up and now you’re getting yourself back on track. It really shows the strength in you and the motivation you have. Good on you.

    Loving your pictures, as usual. Great ones!


  3. Hey:) lovely month, im really enjoying them all! I’ve finally caved and have decided to finally invest in a DSLR – what kind do you use again? and how much do you edit after you take them? Keep up the AMAZING work!x

    • Congrats on your new baby! I use a Nikon D700. As far as editing goes, it really depends on the look I want to achieve. It’s really about getting the right colors for me. What did you end up getting? Email me anytime if you need help of any kind.

  4. Thank you, Nancy and Tim, for your words of encouragement. God knows I need a lot of those these days.

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