Sunshine on a cloudy day

The weather has been all loopy that I think it’s making everyone quite insane.

Today, for instance, Y saw this parasol (from my Mexican outing last night) on the table and was about to throw it out when, like a mad woman, I ran to her all the while screaming, “Noooooo!” Okay, maybe I wasn’t really screaming, but I probably looked a bit crazy to my poor daughter who was, after all, just following mummy’s orders to clean up.

Oh well, she’s taking photography lessons this summer so maybe she’ll understand soon enough why mummy sometimes goes crazy over silly things like this little umbrella… ella… ella.

On another note, I heard that CS5 will be released on April 12. I’m actually still using CS3, so I don’t know if I should get excited about this right now. Also, Adobe recently released an update of Lightroom 3. I haven’t downloaded it yet, but I’ve read a couple of good reviews. Personally, I find LR3 a tad too slow (well, it IS still on beta), so maybe I’ll wait till it’s out of beta before I really say goodbye to LR2.

P.S. Picscout reported that 8 out of 10 images appearing on commercial web sites are being used “non-legitimately.” I am especially touchy about this because some bloggers, tumblers, and site owners seem to feel that they have free access to photos on the web, especially on Flickr. C’mon people, do you understand the term “all rights reserved”? Or are you simply shameless?

~ by Sheila on March 26, 2010.

3 Responses to “Sunshine on a cloudy day”

  1. lol @ you screaming.

  2. In regards to Photoshop, I seem to skip versions, I had CS1, now CS3, so maybe its time for CS5. DId you see the content aware fill feature? That’s awesome.

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