Oh, the little things we take for granted…

… like leaves.

On another note…

A few days ago, as I was reading summaries of D-Town TV episodes by Scott Kelby, I noticed that they featured one of the world’s top-selling microstock photographers, Yuri Arcurs. I haven’t really been a contributor for Getty Images for a long time so I’m not that familiar with the stock photography trade yet, but his name sounded familiar to me. And then, I realized it was because he left a comment on one of my blog entries a few weeks ago — it was a tutorial on changing backgrounds. I know it sounds a bit lame, but I do get excited when people drop by my little blog to leave comments, more so when they’re people who have so much interesting or inspiring stories to tell. 🙂

~ by Sheila on March 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “Oh, the little things we take for granted…”

  1. that’s fabulous sheila! My son took a photography class this year in 10th grade and today he has a seminar with Brian Peterson! i thought he was kidding when he first told me. so i gave him both of my books to get autographed.

  2. wow! you are getting famous 🙂

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