Rain, originally uploaded by { sheila }.

After weeks of intense heat, we finally got some rain this morning. Never mind that, according to the weather bureau, it was just temporary. It was still a welcome respite from the dry spell brought by El Nino.

Nine hours ago, I wrote this on my Facebook account: “I love the smell of wet grass. Today’s going to be a great day.” And it was. What a difference a few raindrops make.

~ by Sheila on March 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “Rain”

  1. how ironic this is to me. we had such a rain storm here today, it seemed like a hurricane (we don’t get them here), 50mph winds and down trees everywhere, as I sit here at 9:00 at night, I am listening to a chain saw finish off a down tree on the wires at my neighbors house. we got lucky, only the tops of tree tore off in my yard. quite honestly, i can’t wait for the heat. gorgeous shot, love those crystal clear raindrops!

    • oh, wow! the last time we had that kind of rain, the entire city went under water. i hope everything’s okay there, nancy.

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