In February 2010…

I understood completely what Rodney Smith meant when he said:

To all of you who struggle to make photographs, the life you lead is not just one of imagery. These are the symptoms, the reflections of your life. It is what’s on the inside that makes you a photographer, rather than simply someone who takes pictures.

I look at the photos I took and I remember. I smile. I cry a little. I laugh. I’m reminded that next time I buy eggs, I should write dates on them. I think of how much I want a baby boy. I marvel at the beauty of the mundane. I regret not having kept any of Y’s baby things. I understand the awkwardness (and excitement) of being a tween. I toy around with the idea of redecorating (again) so I can have blue and white walls. I feel the joy of the moms whose kids I took photos of. And I think of how much I really want to be a photographer when I grow up.

UPDATE: Edited to include a  few more photos taken in the few days of February.

~ by Sheila on February 28, 2010.

One Response to “In February 2010…”

  1. beautiful collage, so colorful and fun, it came out wonderful! i love those things.

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