Finding Love, errr, Hearts in Unexpected Places

I joined my husband this morning on another engagement shoot. Now, I must say this, when I go out with him on his sessions, I don’t actually take pictures. I’m usually just the assistant, holding the reflector or diffuser or whatever else he needs.

It’s a lot of fun though being with engaged couples and seeing that look of excitement…the happiness in their eyes… and love, always love. And you can’t help but be excited for them, too.

Of course, sometimes, I do take a few quick shots while we’re moving between locations.

~ by Sheila on February 28, 2010.

One Response to “Finding Love, errr, Hearts in Unexpected Places”

  1. i was in a book store the other day browsing through photography books. i came across one that was filled with photographs of hearts, any kind of hearts, carved in a tree, drawn in the sand or like yours a leaf or a flower. I wanted it so bad, but decided not to spend the money. it’s still on my mind though, i may go back and get it. i thought it was a great idea for a photography project. these leaves definitely look like hearts, i think that’s so cool.

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