The One Thing I Didn’t Do Today

I was feeling undomestic the last couple of days and postponed all my usual chores. Today though, I couldn’t procrastinate any longer – the hamper was brimming with clothes that needed washing, the floor and furniture were begging to be mopped and vacuumed, and the cookie jars were empty. I tackled the first two, albeit grudgingly. I was getting ready to bake (my KitchenAid has been gathering dust) when I belatedly discovered that I’ve run out of chocolate… plus the eggs were looking a bit weird. Too lazy to go out, I got my camera instead and took photos of the rest of my ingredients.

Tonight, when the Mr and Y come home, they’ll be greeted by the smell of fresh laundry and a clean house. Sadly, no cookies. But they do get pictures.

Oh, yeah. Another flower shot.

I had a late lunch/dinner date  yesterday with some of my Suzuki mom-friends whom I had not seen since December. One of them apparently couldn’t help herself and told me that I’ve gained so much weight in the last two months. So, I told myself that starting today, I would really make it a point to walk a certain number of steps everyday. Unfortunately, I, of course, just had to bring my camera, so the walking became second priority. Tomorrow, no more camera. I promise.

~ by Sheila on February 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “The One Thing I Didn’t Do Today”

  1. it’s good to take a break once in a while. i started laundry last night when they were at hockey, and i’m still trying to finish it. good luck with the walking. i’ve noticed, since i started the 365 in january that my back and legs are killing me from sitting at the computer for so long. the weather has been horrible here (although i like the snow, another 10 inches coming today, supposedly) i can’t get out much. i’m so tired of shooting flowers, (and things) at my kitchen table, i haven’t even loaded half of the ones i’ve done. my imagination is dry right now.

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