Angles and Details

In telling stories, it’s always important to find the right angle. You have to play it through your mind over and over, tweak it again and again, until your heart says stop.

Photography is no different. I try to shoot a subject over and over until I’m happy. I obsess. I fuss. One time, I took fifty photos of the same subject because I felt something was missing. (Something was, and I ended up erasing all fifty.) Sometimes though, it only takes one shot for me to say, “Eureka!”

It happened with this one. Or maybe I was just being lazy. After all, I was down on the ground, and was only too eager to get up.

Tomorrow, I’ll be doing my first real child portrait session. Will I fuss over him? Probably. Will I obsess over the teeniest details? Definitely.

I’m terrified.

~ by Sheila on February 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “Angles and Details”

  1. I like your photos, it’s not over saturated, and has a film feel to them, very nice. Definately a follower.

  2. Sheila, its perfection personified.

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