28/365: A Repeat

I promise this is going to be my last flower shot for the week.

I wasn’t feeling all that well today so I stayed in bed practically the whole day reading the manual of my new camera (yes, I read manuals now!), watching Steve Jobs’ keynote about the iPad (and laughing at the iTampon jokes), and studying the boards that I was supposed to look at yesterday (yes, real work). I did manage to get off the bed a little bit this afternoon to take more shots of these gerberas before they die.

This shot is a bit similar to the one I took yesterday, but if there’s one thing I learned about photography, it’s that it’s quite impossible to take identical shots of the same subject. For one, both were shot handheld. The focus points are different (did I mention I have 51 focus points?). And the lighting conditions and angle are different, too.

And speaking of familiar things…

As with everyone else, I found today’s iPad announcement a bit underwhelming. It’s exactly like my iPod Touch, only bigger. It still doesn’t have Flash support, which is really quite disappointing since most of the photography websites I frequent are flash-based. It doesn’t have a camera — c’mon, even the cheapest netbooks have them! And what’s with that name?!

Still, I must admit, I’m seriously considering getting one because, despite all its limitations, it’s still a great portable device. I’m looking forward to iBooks, and already, Y is getting all excited about playing iPod games on the iPad. So, the wait begins…

In the meantime, here’s one of the many iPad parodies on the web right now:

~ by Sheila on January 28, 2010.

4 Responses to “28/365: A Repeat”

  1. I know what kind of camera you got! 😛

    So now, the conspiracy has been revealed… Why Y did not want a DSLR… if she did, then she would have gotten the D3000 in Dec, but by refusing and now wanting the D90, you had the perfect excuse to get your new camera! “We need to nurture Y’s photography skills and we can’t always be sharing the same camera, so…”

    I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Ha ha ha! You are on to me! Ssshhhh… the man might see this. 🙂
    Thanks, Ed.

  3. 51 focus points?! what!?
    the flowers are beautiful, as always. and that video…oh that video, brought tears to my eyes. too funny!

  4. didn’t get a chance to watch Steve Jobs presentation.
    but i think iTab gonna be here. i quite like it. kinda mixed bags offer w/ quite a few key things missing

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