22/365: Happy Feet

I have a family whose main goal in life, I think, is to make each other happy. To perk each other up. To listen to each other’s problems. To make each other smile. To make each other laugh so hard that we end up with tears in our eyes. To say things like, “you look so pretty” in the morning even if you know your hair’s all over the place and that your eyes look puffy and probably will the entire day; or words like, “you’re the best mom (or dad) in the whole world” on days when you feel too lazy to cook dinner so you end up ordering pizza. (Hmm… wait a minute…) To indulge each other, even if it means driving to a place so far from home just to get the one shot that you want.

I’m sure you know what I mean…

On another note, my photo was featured on this site as one of 20 inspiring examples of monochrome portrait photography. What an honor! Thank you, Marius Waldal.

~ by Sheila on January 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “22/365: Happy Feet”

  1. it’s a classic! love the positioning of Y’s (?) feet. it looks beautiful in black and white and i love the texture. i think i will try something like this for framing. i would love to have a large scale photo like this for our den when we refurnish in the spring. congrats on the inspiring photo! i think they’re all inspiring.

  2. wow! thatz indeed an achievement Sheila. you are just rocking. hope for many more to come.

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