17/365: Some things don’t change… much

Several years ago, I took a photo of R and Y walking alongside each other at this same spot. Of course, back then, Y was much smaller and was holding on to Dada (or me) almost the entire time. These days though, she rarely lets Dada hold her hand, especially when we’re in public… like today. Poor R.

On another note, I found a group on Flickr the other day that raises money for victims of natural disasters, starting with the recent devastating earthquake in Haiti. They do this by way of auctioning off their photos, with the proceeds going directly to the Red Cross. Another photographer, whose work I subscribe to, promises to give $1 to Haiti relief for every comment on his blog this week.

Having been inspired by their efforts, I asked R to help me choose a photo to submit to the Charity Print Auctions pool, but he said, if I really wanted to help, I shouldn’t have to go through this process and that I should just send a donation directly to the Red Cross. He’s right, of course. Here’s how you can help, too: http://donate.ifrc.org/

~ by Sheila on January 18, 2010.

One Response to “17/365: Some things don’t change… much”

  1. i think R is absolutely right.
    that’s interesting that you took this same photo in the past. it must be neat to look at them side by side. imagine, one day you’ll have another one like this, except Y will be wearing a long white flowing dress!! (Sorry R!) 😉

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