16/365: Something Blurry

One of the most interesting blogs I’ve been reading of late is by Seth Godin, an entrepreneur who has written 12 bestselling books on marketing. Though his posts are often about business, he also comes up with little gems that people who work in creatives can relate to, such as this one:

The secret to creativity is curiosity.

We often forget to teach kids to be curious. A student who has no perceived math ability, or illegible handwriting or the inability to sit still for five minutes gets immediate and escalating attention. The student with no curiosity, on the other hand, is no problem at all. Lumps are easily managed.

Same thing is true for most of the people we hire. We’d like them to follow instructions, not ask questions, not question the status quo.

Yet, without “why?” there can be no, “here’s how to make it better.”

It is very easy for people to just fall into a daily routine and follow instructions blindly. What is worse though is when someone finally comes to his senses, questions the status quo and decides to change the order of things, people react negatively, almost instinctively, without listening, and the poor schmuck ends up out in the cold. I know.

I, for one, would love Y to grow up seeking answers to questions, rather than just being satisfied with what she is told. She’s naturally curious, reads a lot, asks without hesitation and isn’t afraid to voice out her opinion even if she knows it will get her into trouble. We’re working on the last one though — tact is one of those things that really takes time to learn (oh yes, I still slip from time to time).

As for the focus schmocus, I haven’t shot anything like this in a while so I thought I’d give it another go. Who says everything always has to be in focus anyway? 🙂

~ by Sheila on January 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “16/365: Something Blurry”

  1. this is really inspiring! i haven’t tried anything like this yet, but i think i will. the texture is just gorgeous and the tones are beautiful! great work!

  2. Very Beautiful Set

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