10/365: Something that spells Sunday

It’s been a few weeks since we had our place repainted but till now, our bedroom walls (ours and Y’s) are still blank. We’ve always wanted one big canvas print of a photo that represents us on our chocolate accent wall, where the headboard of our bed is placed against. Unfortunately, we haven’t really had much time to think about it, much less shoot.

Well, last night, R and I finally brainstormed a bit and came up with a concept that we planned to shoot today. Alas, we woke up late, as is typical of all our Sundays, and had to do all our activities in a rush. By the time we got to the University of the Philippines, it was almost dark, PLUS we forgot to bring our tripod. Sheesh.

So, we just walked around a bit, enjoyed the breeze and had a bit of fun with the leaves that fell off this huge tree. The texture of the dry leaves was so irresistible that I knew I had to take some shoe shots. I personally love our “three-shot” because it shows so much of our personality, although, it would have been better if I had used my pink shoelaces. Haha. Y, on the other hand, loves the “small shoes” shot for her room, and R likes the last one because “it’s like an album cover”. In the meantime, the search for our wall photo continues…

On another note, thank you so much to my friends who follow this blog. Truth be told, I sometimes wonder if I should continue posting on Flickr because I am enjoying this more, and it’s really difficult to maintain two sites. (Plus, it feels weird when, for instance, you post a photo of a jellyfish, and a commenter asks, “what is this?”) I do enjoy looking at my contacts’ photos though and commenting every now and then, so perhaps, I’ll stick around a bit.

~ by Sheila on January 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “10/365: Something that spells Sunday”

  1. first thing first – if you stop flickr(ing) you have to mail me your comments/ feedback for my posts. you take a call 😉

    i like the 2nd one. great series of photos.

  2. love all three of the shots! it’s so nice that you share this hobby with your husband. I have a girlfriend that i shoot with. that’s so much nicer than doing it by yourself. my husband and i getting ready to redecorate and have also been thinking about what kind of shots i can take to fill the walls. i never really framed anything before until recently, however, we’ve got some time still. your blog is fabulous, i love what you’re doing with it, but i know how hard it is to keep up. I’m behind on my flickr visits!

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