8/365: Something New

New books. A new iPod (with a new Taylor Swift playlist). A new guitar. A new(ly-painted) wall. This is why kids love Christmas, and grown-ups stock up on Advil.

Letter writing is becoming more and more a thing of the past. People have become more email-dependent in recent years that now, all I get when I check my mailbox are bills – and not a lot of those either because most companies these days give their customers the option of receiving bills electronically, too. It’s such a pity because letter writing is such a beautiful art form in itself. It is more personal, more sincere, in my opinion, and shows exactly what kind of personality the sender has.

In our case, we’ve always tried to teach Y the value of sending out personal thank you notes (at the very least) to friends and family who give her presents. This year, I was hoping she could include a photo of the gift she received, but I didn’t really have time to shoot much over the holidays. I did manage to take photos of some of her Christmas loot earlier today, just so she’ll have something to remind her of how blessed she is.

The iPod and guitar came from us; the books, she bought herself from the cash gifts she received. She actually bought more books, around 10, I think, but I only chose to include those that she hasn’t read yet. As for the wall… that’s a whole new other story.

~ by Sheila on January 8, 2010.

8 Responses to “8/365: Something New”

  1. you’re absolutely right about letter writing. i am always telling my husband that technology is moving so fast i can’t keep up. it’s a good value to teach your daughter. looks like she reads the same types of stories i do. i’ve always wanted to read Magyk! love the guitar shot, what a beautiful color! i play a little myself, but haven’t picked it up that much since i got my camera. i’ll have to use it for a picture soon.

    • I just finished reading Magyk. (My husband and I read almost everything my daughter reads so we have something to talk about.) It’s good, although I still prefer the Percy Jackson and Harry Potter series.

  2. i remember the old days of writing letters to near and dear ones. Its indeed become a thing of the past. Writing letters used to be Handwriting sessions for me as well as its pretty illegible.

    Gifts rolling in….
    Am waiting to get my hands on my new baby in a few days 🙂

  3. nikkor 105mmf2.8 VR.
    you know its hard to believe, but i see my camera loaded with this in my dreams as well…

  4. have you read “A Swiftly Tilting Planet”? L’Engle’s books were favorites of mine when i was a kid. i still have my old copy of that book with me, along with copies of its prequels, “A Wrinkle in Time” and “A Wind in the Door”. they’re now yellowed and smelling of must, but still in good condition. i’m planning to pass them on to my daughter when she’s older. 🙂

    • hi richelle, i read the first one, a wrinkle in time, when i was much, much younger, too, so i’m naturally pleased that y loves this series by l’engle. it’s great that you’ve kept your books in good condition after all these years. last night, i had to dig up my copy of les miserables because she’s taken an interest in it, too. unfortunately, it’s all battered now and definitely looks asthma-inducing, so i guess she has to buy her own copy.

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