7/365: Something Floating

If there’s one thing you must know about me, it’s that I’m absolutely terrified of being surrounded by water. The Mister has been trying to convince me to go on a cruise with him this May, and I’ve been, admittedly, dilly-dallying. Small lakes, I can stand, but being in the middle of the ocean… floating in the middle of nowhere, really… just scares the bejeezus out of me. I was almost tempted to say yes, but after a trip to the Manila Ocean Park last Sunday, I’ve come up with a decision – there is no way I’m riding a ship.

We were trying to escape the unbelievably huge crowd at the lobby of the park and ended up on their viewing deck. It was close to sunset and I was admiring this beautiful display of light, not really shooting, just watching, awestruck, but then I made the mistake of looking down. I saw ripples – hazy ripples to be exact. My knees started to buckle and it seemed like the whole place was spinning. I felt nauseated and ready to faint. I forced myself to move away from the ledge and look for a seat. It took me several minutes before I started breathing normally again.

(Writing this, I suddenly flashed on the time we went snorkeling. I had on fins, not realizing how heavy they were. I seriously thought I would drown in three feet of water. It seems funny now, but back then, it was pretty bad.)

So I guess, for now, this is as close as I could ever get to being with sea creatures. It’s too bad really because R and Y love to snorkel.

On another note, we were quite disappointed with the species on display at the Manila Ocean Park. We were expecting color, but got a huge dose of gray instead. Even the jellyfish area had no variety. And the crowd control was pretty much nonexistent. Of all the aquariums we’ve been to, I think the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA has got to be one of the best. We probably spent about three or four hours there during our last trip to the US. We’re definitely visiting again soon.

~ by Sheila on January 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “7/365: Something Floating”

  1. there’s no way i’m ever doing a cruise either! i don’t ever want to be out in the middle of the ocean (i don’t like planes either). i like my feet on the ground! The photos are gorgeous. i did a paper on jellyfish when i took some college course a few years back, they really are amazing creatures.

  2. if ever i go on a cruise, would learn to swim before that.
    the pictures make wonderful abstract.

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