4/365: Purpose

A few weeks before Christmas, as I started renovating our condo unit, I was stuck with the problem of what to hang on our walls. I wanted to replace the photos we had on (for years now) with more recent ones, to include at least one of mine. I went through my stream on Flickr and my personal library, and was both surprised and disappointed that I couldn’t find any, not even one, that I truly loved. For several days, I just stopped taking photos altogether and re-assessed my purpose. I was saddened by the fact that during our trips last year, I shot more nature scenes and still life than my own family, and that the shots which I thought were great and abstracty just didn’t really pull me in emotionally. I found some of them good, technique-wise, but not really worthy of being put on display.

In the end, we had two of R’s photos from our trip to Mission San Juan Capistrano (CA) mounted on canvas, as well as one of my photos of a gerbera. The yellow gerbera, blown up, wasn’t all that bad and really popped against our blue walls, but my husband’s photos felt more special, because of the wonderful memories attached to them. Even friends who visited during the holidays said the same thing, that they found the gerbera photo “pretty” but loved the photos from MSJC. They turned out to be great conversation pieces.

And then, it dawned on me – I think I’ve been taking too many photos that are commercially okay but only a few that I consider more suited for personal use. I needed to take more photos for me. So, this year, I told myself that I would shoot with my heart more, like I did with the photos I posted of late, and this one, too.

My daughter had a field day walking around the garden of our hotel. Manila weather is not really conducive to growing flowers so you can just imagine how wonderful it felt to be surrounded by so many of different colors. We weren’t supposed to pick them but Y just couldn’t stop touching them, and much to my horror, smelling them (pollen alert!). I let it slide though because she was having so much fun and besides, we could always buy anti-allergy drugs. 🙂

~ by Sheila on January 4, 2010.

4 Responses to “4/365: Purpose”

  1. just so with your photos, you have a great flair of putting your thoughts together. i am enjoying your blog more than flickr.
    gosh! i need to gear up….

  2. i agree with the comment above, i am enjoying your blog more than flickr. so glad you decided to do this, it makes me want to do a better job with my blog. sometimes its good to stop and assess, i think i need to do that myself. i look back on my gallery and i don’t think there’s much there that i would want to display. i really need to put more thought into what i’m doing rather than shooting whatever i can find (like a set of paint brushes! lol). nice entry, i think the image is beautiful and emotional.

    • Thanks, Nancy. I think your photos are beautiful, too. And I think they have great commercial potential. Your paintbrushes, for instance, would look good on display in an artsy restaurant or a study. It’s also magazine or book-worthy. So, yes please, continue shooting everyday things. Just don’t forget to shoot for yourself, too. 🙂

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