3/365: Sweet

One of the best things about going on vacation in a familiar place is that you can just do whatever you want, without following an itinerary. Most of our time in Baguio was spent lounging at the hotel, exploring parks inside Camp John Hay and, well, judging by all that weight I gained, eating. There’s nothing more relaxing than trying out different kinds of cake and drinking tea with the cool wind blowing on your face while looking out on a spectacular view. Pure bliss!

There were also lots of fruits to choose from, although I ignored most of them. My cakes were waiting, after all. One time though, I saw these chilled strawberries on one side of the buffet table at the hotel. I was tempted to eat a couple with whipped cream or some chocolate syrup or fondue, but R and Y wanted to check out the stores at Mile Hi. I shouldn’t have hesitated. They were gone by the time we finished dinner.I did manage to take a couple of shots though before they ran out. The lesson in this story: chilled strawberries wait for no one.

And speaking of sweet, here’s one of my first sales through Getty Images – a photo of Y taken on Mother’s Day last year. Woohoo!

~ by Sheila on January 3, 2010.

4 Responses to “3/365: Sweet”

  1. welcome back from your holidays Sheila.
    many congratulations on your first sale. the year has indeed begun on a good note 🙂

  2. Congratulations Sheila! Many more to come for you, I’m sure. Those strawberries look incredibly tempting, love the composition.

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