Photo of the Day: For Her

Bright Eyes, originally uploaded by Sheila_P.

So many things have gone wrong this year, and I’m not just talking about the typhoons that left thousands of Filipinos homeless. Those, we could overcome… eventually. But there is something more sinister, more dangerous than all these typhoons combined. It is this pit that this administration seems to be digging so fervently with a backhoe whose only aim is to bury us deeper and deeper.

Over the past two weeks, journalists were killed in cold blood with their killers looking like they can get away with murder, and the President has declared martial law in Maguindanao. It is not easy to articulate the outrage that I feel. I have a government that clearly shows disrespect for its constituents and disregard for human rights and life. Am I angry? Yes. Can anything good come out of this whole fiasco? Yes… maybe.

But only because I am hopeful that this will serve a wake up call to everyone. And I’m not talking about another uprising or people power. Surely, there are other ways we can put this country back on track, like voting for the right people in the coming elections. (Of course, with the way that little person is acting these days, we wonder if there will even be an election in May.) For once, let us make those people in government responsible to us, and not the Ampatuans of this world.

As one of my favorite columnists once said, we must work harder to give our children the society they deserve. I owe it to her.

~ by Sheila on December 9, 2009.

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