Photo of the Day (on Flickr): The Foodie

The Foodie, originally uploaded by Sheila_P.

Okay, this wasn’t shot today, but my blood pressure has been really high since yesterday, so I didn’t get to shoot anything. Instead, I’m reposting this from my Flickr stream:

I’ve been tagged again. I’m supposed to write down 10 random facts about me. However, since I’ve done this once before, I decided to focus this time on the foodie in me. Here goes:

1. I love macarons. It’s a pity I can’t bake them… or at least, not yet.
2. I love tea, especially darjeeling. My absolute favorites though are Lupicia’s Sakuranbo and Martinique from Le Palais des Thes — both of which are only available in the US, Japan and France (for Le Palais).
3. In case I can’t have tea, I drink Irish coffee because I love Bailey’s cream. I skip the whipped cream though.
4. I love to eat out (no less than twice a week) with my family.
5. I’m addicted to Waldorf salad, and I prefer it with candied, not roasted, walnuts.
6. I love frozen yogurt, but lately, I’ve been eating a lot of ice cream again.
7. My husband says my cookies taste better than Mrs. Field’s, although, come to think of it, he says this every time he’s trying to convince me to buy a new “conjugal” lens or camera gear. Hmm…
8. I love the Food Channel. I even watch it when I’m working out for “motivation” (hey, if I want to eat all of those delicious food, I’ll need more space, right?)
9. Everyone should have at least one Le Creuset pot in their kitchen.
10. No meal is complete without a sinful dessert. A meal without dessert is like a camera without a memory card. (Thank goodness my sugar level is normal!)

~ by Sheila on August 6, 2009.

One Response to “Photo of the Day (on Flickr): The Foodie”

  1. nice shot for the foodie tag. i like #7 & 10.
    darjeeling tea…thatz nice.
    i am actually to have my evening snack. reading through this is making me all the more hungry. and yes, good to know the foodie in you.

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