Photo of the Day: Circle

Note: This was supposed to be yesterday’s photo of the day. Our internet service provider messed up again last night, so I’m just posting this today. Grrrrr…

I spent the whole day with my daughter at the mall yesterday. We haven’t done this in quite a while because of our busy schedules, so we took advantage of  her class suspension and I played hooky (there’s always email) so we could do some catching up.

Y has grown so much since our last girl bonding. She no longer wants to go to children’s boutiques, opting to buy from the teens section instead. She chose and tried on a lot of clothes – mostly graphic shirts and “none of those frilly stuff” . Over frappuccinos, we talked about fashion, music, and the subject I’m most apprehensive about, boys. It felt wonderful to still be part of her world, though I sometimes feel it gets crowded by the day.

The mother-daughter relationship is said to be one of the more complicated of all human relationships. It seems contradictory at times and impossible to understand.  When you’re a parent it is sometimes hard to also be a friend, and I am thankful that I can still play both roles, or at least while she still lets me.

About these photos: This red, glossy paper is one of the many school supplies we bought yesterday. I like experimenting with the white balance on my camera whenever I shoot still life. For these photos, I tweaked two settings to achieve different color casts.

~ by Sheila on July 28, 2009.

One Response to “Photo of the Day: Circle”

  1. I like the first photo more than the second one.
    Good that you both had day off. Its again just the beginning of the week and i have started to long for weekend again…
    btw, a nice wruteup as well.

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