Photo of the Day: Pre and Post


I tagged along with R today as he dropped off something at the post office. It’s been ages since I’ve been there, but it was exactly as I remembered it — dark, musty, dreary and old — words that, I suppose, describe the very state of our postal system.

Digital revolution, of course, is the culprit… or the protagonist, depending on how old you are. We have become a society of email-dependents. Still, not everyone has easy access to computers and the internet, and some of those who do aren’t ready to fully embrace electronic communications just yet. My parents, for instance, still distrust online banking and prefer to receive bills by snail mail. And then there are those who deplore the loss of the classic handwritten letter, myself included. I remember how R would send me cards or letters back when email was just a pixel in someone’s imagination… there’s just something cold about love emails.

For these reasons alone, we know that regular postal service won’t be saying goodbye for quite a long time, but it definitely needs an upgrade.

On another note, I am thoroughly enjoying this blog. I love my anonymity. It’s like a journey into happy nothingness, where the only thing that matters is taking photos and I don’t have to think about how others might see my work. There is no pressure… only joy and excitement and fulfillment.

I’m back.

About this photo: Shot outside the post office

~ by Sheila on July 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “Photo of the Day: Pre and Post”

  1. very nice , it is very beautiful. the colors are really good.

  2. thanks!

  3. agree with you.
    writing letters was a nightmare to me because of my very illegible handwriting. 🙂

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